Is this the 21st Century my friend? You have the courage and...

Gille - October 2 2010, 7:48 PM

Is this the 21st Century my friend?

You have the courage and the audacity to
air this blatantly racist video.

If it were a white Country you were referring to. YOU would be the first person to scream discrimination.

Now, why is NOT the reverse true?

Your video is discriminating and down right immoral if not unconstitutional.

As you said yourself.

Haiti is "90% African" Yes, Bravo, thanks, for citing the obvious!!! What about the other 10%?

don't you think they are HAITIANS too.
the 10% may be a minority but they have rights and privileges too like all other Haitians.

I am 100% Haitian but I can be sympathetic to minorities.

I am a diapora and a member of minorities just simply because of politicians who can't see further than their noses and they have been very destructive for Haiti; furthermore those people have been very African looking...How come nothing have changed?

I understand minorities because I am one of them in foreign land.
I can't live in my Country, Haiti because of people who think like you and are continuing to think just like you.
It is about time that people like me who have evolved and see that my own brothers did not care about me enough to take care of my Country, instead they took all Haiti's money to go to other land and live the good life. While my poor brothers suffered in Haiti.

We have to see things differently now. We have to see past skin color.

We demand more. Us real Haitians would like to go home and too bit politicians like you are stopping us with your archaic ideologies.


BAKER IS HAITIAN, check your Haiti's family tree. BAKER IS THERE!
Besides, Baker has some African in him too. He is Haitian.

The last I have checked, the mixed-blood Haitians were part of Haiti's war of independence.

Where have you been my brother?

Now, you have made up my mind for me. If you can attack Baker solely on skin color, it means you have NOTHING ELSE ON HIM.
Yes, Yes, and Yes BAKER is the candidate of my choice.

I will ask all my friends and family member to vote for BAKER on this coming election.

I hope someday you will emotional maturity.

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