I love Haiti very much. I would like to contribute to what...

Marie Janty - October 2 2010, 3:39 PM

I love Haiti very much. I would like to contribute to what makes Haiti better, not who I like as a friend.

We can't do politics as usual here. If we want change, WHY are we voting the USUAL way?

It seems like we are voting on the basis of personal likeness and emotion.

We have tried that in the past and it did work and NEVER work.
My heart told me to vote for Manigat because she is a woman...I am a die hard feminist.

But my head to me to vote for BAKER as he represents honesty, integrity and progress.

I don't know about you, I Love Haiti Cherie, I want what is best for her. I am not the issue, my beloved Country IS. Baker is the man who CAN do something about corruption, security and job creation for my Country.

My vote is cast, it is BAKER!!!

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