I have an idea for all Haitians who have "NEVER VOTED BEFORE"...

Miggy - October 2 2010, 3:12 PM

I have an idea for all Haitians who have "NEVER VOTED BEFORE".

It is imperative and crucial that you go out and vote in this election because you are what we call the "VIRGIN VOTER" so that you can familiarized yourself (get to know the in and out of the terrain) with/the VOTING PROCESS of Haiti, so that when the RIGHT CANDIDATE for Haiti comes along, you don't become so nervous and might end up making a mistake of choosing the RIGHT CANDIDATE when he comes along or comes along again.

Believe me, this has happened before, and you here it all the time throughout many elections.

Although that the right one (Wyclef) is out. You have to vote for someone anyway who I will call "THE LUCKY ONE",But not the RIGHT one in the first place.

So do it for your own "SELF KNOWLEDGE".

It's like a LOTTO now.

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