Charlito Baker: Haiti's Next White President?

Wilner Nau Youtube - October 2 2010, 9:17 AM

Why should a country that is 90 percent plus African elect a Caucasian man?

After posing the following seven questions to the front runner, I realize question number seven was getting more attention from the readers.

I decided to make this video.

Dear Mr. Baker I just read that if the election was held today, September 26, 2010 in Haiti you would be elected president.

Please tell me if you are elected:

1.How do you plan to get rid of the corruption cancer that's ravaging Haiti?

2. How do you plan to bring security and civility?

3. Do you plan to keep Munistah under your administration?

4. What is you reconstruction plan?

5. How would you go about incorporating a good public school and public education for the masses?

6. What do you plan to do about those Haitian people who live in the USA or other countries who send money to Haiti every month to fuel the Haitian economy, but still have no way to participate in elections in Haiti as voter nor as a candidate?

7. Why should a country that is 90% plus African elect a Caucasian man?

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