Pilot of profession and he is graduated also from the...

J. G. B - October 1 2010, 7:47 PM

Pilot of profession and he is graduated also from the University of Boston in the field of Administration.

This is a businessman with political knowledge who has spent fourteen years studying politics.

He has a clear vision and a good understanding of the Haitian political, social and economic realities, differently from other traditional politicians and improvised contenders with erroneous and confused ideas.

He has following the steps of his talented wife who was assasinated while defending human rights in Haiti.

He has proven his talent, charisma, leadership and his sense of family duty as he raised by himself his four children under difficult circumstances Today, Haiti is pround of Miss Haiti Sarodj Bertin, the daugher of Jean. Jean is prepared to lead Haiti by appealing all his opponents to develop a common agenda to rescue his country from its mess.

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