Vote charles henry backer is voting for governement system...

Kelly Villate - September 26 2010, 8:29 PM

vote charles henry backer is voting for governement system which we did not have, voting for health care, education, reconstruction, rules and regulations, jobs a new country where all of of us will be able to b proud of and say now we have a country, we have a place we call come home, an haiti where gates, donald trump and others millionaires can come to invest, an haiti without corruptions and crooks, and haiti where if we dont respect the laws, we will pay the cosequences, an haiti where everyone pays taxes, an haiti where we look at each other and says brother, sister, we have come a long way and i luv u peace to all

vote charles henry backer the new hope, the new type of governement,

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hey Wycleffffffffffffffffffff pa pale konsa, pa bliye...

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