There is absolutely no conspiracy going on in Haiti between...

Guy Comeau - September 26 2010, 12:26 PM

There is absolutely no conspiracy going on in Haiti between mulattoes and whites.

Mulattoes gave you a country.

Mulattoes were the first group who came with the idea to liberate Haiti.

Then came a beautiful union between mulattoes and blacks to free Haiti from slavery.

Majority of mulattoes were not born by rape. This is just a myth perpetuated by angry people.

On the same level, we could say, blacks are the result of rape too because during the voyage from Africa to the Caribbeans, namely Haiti, the Africans raped their companions every night while on the boat.
Also, the half-hour break, the plantation owners gave to the slaves, rape was always the flavor of the hour in the corn, cafe,banana fields -- It was black on black crime and lots of people were the result of these rapes.

What do you say about that?

All of this is history and all here and there.

Haiti's today's problems are about homelessness and basic necessity needs.

We should think forward -- We should think of the best person who will be able to see things clearly
someone who will be able to surround himself with other smart people to get to the real business of helping Haiti.

Someone who is emotionally strong so that he-she can be flexible.

Someone who is so flexible to change agenda and plan at a second noticed to do the proper response for Haiti; like a natural disaster...

Someone who does not feel overwhelmed when crisis attacked.

Someone who can roll with the punches to save not only himself but Haiti at large.

This person, in a lot of Haitian's opinion is CHARLES HENRY BAKER.

Do not accept my word for it. Do your own research and do not confuse opinion with facts.

Be objective, you too will see that there is only one choice and that choice is Baker.

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thank u bro, finally someone is on the same page with... let's spread the word. let's spread the word.

HELLO DEAR, I admired your comment about Charles...

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