Petition pou Aristide retounin en Haiti

Vox Populi - September 19 2010, 9:32 PM

Nou bezoin gnow petition pou Aristide retounin en haiti.

Nou toute kap li memo sar ka aller sou pou nou commencer gnow petition pou Aristide retounin.

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Kelly Villate says...

wow,u want to petition for aristide's return, i think raul cedras, jean claude duvalier, michel francois as well need to have petiotions as well more »

Yves Binbin says...

Aristide,Duvalier,Cedras dwe retounin Lakay yo san problem.Anyone that could show that he or she was born in Haiti has a right to come back to their... more »

Emmerycenatus says...

no never to a cedras return cedras is a traitor and a criminal who robbed the haitian for his personal benefit. I could allow other to return but... more »