I agree with your comment 10% because, i dont think mulatto is...

Dj Connection - September 19 2010, 5:37 PM

i agree with your comment 10% because, i dont think mulatto is the problem, we the negro are the problem, me as a blakc man, i think it is my responsability to create my own thing, if you see the mulato is haiti is rich i think is because of the way they dicipline their lives and their biz. not for haiti even for the usa, if you dont put dicipline in your family, your biz, your life you are going to find someelse for your faillure, If a blak man is dam enough to let someone fool you to make you poor that's your problem.

I compare your argument like alot of african american keep blaming all their carelessness situation to the white man, when the african american refuses to go to school get an aducation, keep having babies at early age, keep kill each other over senceless things like drug, for all that they keep blaming the white.When i first came to the usa, i had no father/mother in this country, i was working as a dishwasher, no car, I stand like a man, I went back to school, I graduated from FMU, plus i earned my master from Tempo university, my pay check is fat now, no to long ago I purchased a BMW 2009, looking good, baby, but if i use that same approach keep blaming the white man for my problem i will be stil on washing dishes, my dad taught me not thing is giving in life it has to be earned.

I think the approach on blaming mulato in haiti is wrong, most criminal in haiti are dark skin ti couteau, hamaral duclonard, toto constant, guy philip, jodel chamblin, they are kill their own people, because they are stupid, i have 4 children, i will never teach them this way, i want to show them the way to become succesfull in life, go to school, keep your head up, work hard you will make i would like to suggest to my freind to inspire all haitian peolple to be selfworth, selfmade.that kind of approach make haiti become a jungle, you open a biz, the someone never work in their life want ot kill you to take what you work all your life to earn, that's a shame

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