Charlito, black, white, or otherwise is Haitian, and therefore...

Paul Pierre - September 19 2010, 9:09 AM

Charlito, black, white, or otherwise is Haitian, and therefore is eligible to run for office.

Whether or not he gets elected is up to registered Haitian voters.

It is too bad that the Haitians who provide for 80% of Haiti's sustenance (the Diaspora) are NOT allowed to participate.

Haiti discarded its best and brightest to France, USA, Canada, and the Dominican Republic.

In California alone, we have enough Haitian doctors to solve Haiti's health problems.

Oops. they naturalized or were born outside of Haiti and therefore are not Haitians.

What a shame! The best professors of Sorbonne and Polytechnique are Haitians.

My daughter is at Harvard right now, but she was not born in Haiti.

My son graduated from UVA, but was born in Miami.

Another graduated from George Mason and got scooped up by Silicon Valley with a fat paycheck, but he was born in Spain and not Haiti.

The list goes on and Haiti keeps telling them send your money, but we DO NOT want you to participate.

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