Mr Ismael is not a professional journalism. I say this because...

Mljl - September 18 2010, 5:14 AM

Mr Ismael is not a professional journalism.

I say this because of the way he set up the interview on a confrontational atmosphere.

As I was listening to him asking Michel Martelly the questions about his image, his agenda was to embarrassed Mickey.

Martelly managed to turned the table on him and he ran out of the room. If Ismael had set the tone more professionally, I believed that Mickey would have been his usual honest and reflective self in his interaction with the interviewer.

Mr Ismael did not properly take the time to do his research on Mickey the artist and the guy running for office.

He left himself opened for Mickey to score on him, because he thought that he was going to deal with a weak and vulnerable person when he hit him with the image issue.

If one listened carefully to the entire enterview between Mickey and Ismael, not just the little sound bite posted on BelPolitik, one will see my point.

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