Sweet Mickey gender confusion pulled his pants down

B-52 - September 17 2010, 11:59 PM

RE: Sweet Micky Answers Questions About His Image - Can He Be President?

Even the subliterate Wyclef Jean has more class than Bitter Mickey.

I will vote for Wyclef a thousand times before I vote for a "sans zave" like Michel or Michelle Martely aka sweet or bitter Mikey.

BTW-- we know about his backside.His backside appears to be more respectable than its owner.

Now we need positive proof about his front side.
BTW-We did not initiate those inspections.

He did it to himself.His foolishness, immorality and lack of impulse control are hunting him forever.

This vaut rien. He should go to reside in Ivory Coast or Cote d'ivoire to become an Ivoirien.

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Sakpase says...

if you dont know politic just dont say thing that going to hit someone in the head, please let's top divided we need to get together once for all... more »