Rie I wanted to tell you that I have nothing to add, your...

Peeter - September 15 2010, 1:56 PM


I wanted to tell you that I have nothing to add, your comment is perfect, I am a true Black Haitian skin that is Charles Henry Baker is the most credible candidate in Haiti, he is a true native Haitian Natal and n did not wet the hands in acts of wrongdoing as MPs, senators, former prime ministers who were living on trash easily, well before January 12, the Haitian people by pretending that there are differences between them, I think that a Haitian is a Haitian, he is Black, White, Yellow or mulatto, these bands of politicians, not political and administrative experience, have a venom that causes this mentality through this people, because they benefit illiteracy of the people to play their games of discrimination in favor of their pockets.

Charles Henry Baker Would be a good alternative for the future of the Republic of Haiti.

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Hello Kelly, I dno really believe it is about having...

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Hi Peeter, Thanks for your reply. I totally agree...

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