Hello Kelly, I dno really believe it is about having a Mulatto...

Rie - September 14 2010, 11:08 PM

Hello Kelly,

I dno really believe it is about having a Mulatto or a White Haitian rule. I do not think a person's color will determine how well they lead. Rather I think we have to look at qualifications, ethics, and integrity.

Is the person qualified to lead a country and does the person lead with integrity and is ethical.

Yes, I do believe that Charles Henry Baker is by far the most qualified to lead his people and his country, but not due to his race. I am a light skinned Haitian or should I say caramel in color who comes from a mixed background.

My darkskinned grandmother who is well educated and sensible in her thinking even believes that Charles would be the best leader for the country.

However, unfortunately some of the Haitian people's mentality is that they do not need a white man or mulatto or even light skinned person to lead the country.

This is such an unfortunate case. Perhaps they feel that they will go back to the slavery days. Or perhaps they suppose they the will be treated as low class.

Haven grown up in Europe by Haitian born parents, I have heard and seen many cases where the Mulattos and White Haitian regarded themselves as better than the darker skinned haitian and henced would only mingle with Haitians that looked them in complexion.

On the other hand, I have heard and seen darker Haitians that would feel inferior to the those lighter than them and thus would treat the lighter skinned Haitians with contempt when at the times the lighter skinned Haitian just wanted to be accepted.

So, this is a mindset that must be addressed, coached, and broken.

We really need to work together.

I am tired of seeing some Haitians trying to keep their bloodline pure with just marrying mulattos and not willing to accept one because that person is darker.

And I am tired of seeing the white or lighter skinned Haitians not given a chance or regarded as Haitian because of their complexion.

It is time for us to work together and for each other...I believe that Charles can bring that change and unity about.


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