I dont personally know Mr Martelly, but only through his music...

Lourdes - September 13 2010, 8:07 PM

I dont personally know Mr Martelly, but only through his music and the many interviews that are on the web. I came to the conclusion that this guy might be what Haiti need. Since 1986 when Baby Doc left, Haiti has known many intellect that helped her arrived at this level because of greed.

I see in Michel martelly a patriot with lots of love for the country.

As an artist did he do and said raw things, yes that was what his fans wanted and that is how he made his money.

(just a business strategy).

Beyound all the condemnation about his morality, I see a person with great charisma and love for his fellow man kind. This guy quietly started his social work foundation with his wife with no fanfares.

The guy is a motivator, and person who knows the terrain in haiti very well, he knows the mentality of the people and how to deal with the "magouye and vagabond".

He has the language of the mass and the elite.

I think he is a great inspirator for the future of Haiti not to give up. Is he a seasoned polician?

no, but he can surround himself with the folks with extensive knowledge to assist him in running the country.

Lets stop with the Mickey phobia, the guy is not the worst running in this election, trust me on that. For the people who dislike Mickey for his stage performance, go and read up on the junk about Italy's sitting president sexual romp and weighs Mickey stage performance with that. I think Mickey will be a great president if given the chance.

He has a soul clear as a glass of water, just listened to his honesty during his interviews.

He doesn't try to camouflage anything, he is a straight forward guy.

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