Fyi not all mulattoes are products of rapes, i do believe it...

Kelly Villate - September 13 2010, 2:41 PM

fyi not all mulattoes are products of rapes, i do believe it had occured during the slavery time. Some slaves masters were also having affairs with they slave, in a word (affair is not rape) mostly their maids slaves.

I do understand ur point and also the mulattoes has the the right to run for office like everyone else. IN fact they r not the one who put the country in this mess that we have been for a while, does not mean they r also innocents.

The biggest blame r the blacks politicians, they re the one who use the mass to get elected after they foget completely about them and they necessity, steal the country 's money and gpo invest somewhere else. they dont carte of the country looks and run, all they worried r their well-being, now it's time for a change.


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