Mr. Petit Homme "not worthy", and "presentable". You are a...

Josy - September 12 2010, 6:34 PM

Mr. Petit Homme "not worthy", and "presentable".

You are a mere mortal, and none of us are worthy or presentable.

GOD is the only perfect being in the universe, and you should not judge others.

He will learn, and others will coach him. White America said the same exact things about President Obama, because he is a black man and he proved them wrong.

You need to be raw to deal with Haitians, because we are loud and obnoxious.

Have you ever heard two Haitians having a conversation?

It sounds like they are about to kill each other, and sometimes they are on the phone talking to a friend.

I sometimes feel embarrassed, and they are known for their arguments.

What we need now is a "PAPA DOC", but unfortunately we have not been able to have a leader like him and he kept Haitians in their places.

Sweet Mickey is being attacked, and he has to defend himself.

He is a breath of fresh air, and I want him to be President.


Did you know that our hero 'TOUSSAINT LOUVERTURE" learned how to read at the age of 40 years old?

I do not care if he did not graduate from College, and is vulgar.


He has enough money, and will not steal from the country, Have you ever been to a Sweet Micky's party?

I have, and had a good laugh.

I would not take my teenage daughter, but took my 34 years old son and we had a good time. It is an act, and the guy is a genuis.

He is an artist, and he plays the role of a "female impersonator".

Can you get that into your head?

This is the first time in my life that I gave my opinion about Haiti's elections, and candidates.

I respect your opinion, and you need to respect mine.

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What I meant by Micky not "Presentable" is that he...

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