Who is Charles Henri Baker? are his parents Haitians? because...

Negbelair - September 12 2010, 5:48 PM

who is Charles Henri Baker?

are his parents Haitians?

because that is not Haitian name. and if his parents are not Haitians, How does he get to run for president of Haiti because Haiti's constitution states that you have to be born of Haitian
blood to be Haitian so you can by right run for president of the republic.

May be I am being ignorant of his ethnicity, however I am just trying to figure out whether or not foreigners are allowed to place a bid for Haiti's presidential elections.

If you have any info on this guy, please E-Mail it to me thank you.


vote charles henry backer

I ve said before, if haitians wants to see a change, we have to give baker a chance, he has vision for the country. 3...

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