What I meant by Micky not "Presentable" is that he does not...

Maurice Petit Homme - September 12 2010, 6:30 AM

What I meant by Micky not "Presentable" is that he does not have the features of a President to represent a country.

like charismatic, calmness, self control and a great listener too.

He has a bad temperament, he gets hot quickly under pressure (that alone makes him come across very disrespectful) and you and I know. No country wants to have a disrespectful president.

As always, the president with the charisma is the one who is always get things done effectively because he will be dealing with a lot of people who are against him or disagree with him on many levels.

Josy Would you send Micky on the world stage to meet all these leaders the way he is right now?

Micky did not finish college either.

Even if he had a great curriculum Vitae, that wouldn't nothing.

He is not a good communicator.

That interviewer must have felt belittled after that interview with Micky.

If Micky ever to become the president, I truly believe that Haiti will have to foot a bill to hire two people a psychologist and a psychiatrist for Micky in the white house.

Micky is not presentable at all. He is not worthy.

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"presentable" what do you mean? Do you know his...

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