"presentable" what do you mean? Do you know his background? Do...

Josy - September 12 2010, 12:34 AM

"presentable" what do you mean?

Do you know his background?

Do you have his curriculum vitae?

I respect others' opinions, and that is where I differ from other Haitians.

I still believe he should be given a chance, and he is different from his act. He is an artist, and puts on a big show to make money.

How about the governor of California?

President Ronald Regan was an actor, and he did his job. Sweet Mickey is a female impersonator, and it does not make him evil. There is a big difference between being a clown, and doing horrific acts. SWEET MICKEY DESERVES A CHANCE, AND I AM NOT GETTING PAID TO SAY IT. I do not know him personally, and have nothing to gain from his candidacy or presidency.

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Micky is not presentable for Haiti. Micky would be...

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What I meant by Micky not "Presentable" is that he...

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