I said it, because I have been to all the French colonies and...

Josy - September 11 2010, 6:25 PM

I said it, because I have been to all the French colonies and wonder if you have ever been to Martinique.

France is trying to save face, and probably is still trying to exploit our resources.

Haiti would been in the same shape if France cared about our welfare, and is trying to protect the French language so it does not become obsolete.

"CHAMBER OF COMMERCE", the name only should answer your question.

We embarrassed France by becoming independent, and we are still paying the price.

I personally wish I was fluent in Spanish, English, and French.

I reside now in Florida, and Spanish is more important than French here. I have not been home in 25 years, and have no plans to go in the near future.

I left home at 16, and use to go everywhere in Haiti without any fear. I remember Mardi Gras, Bas Peu de Choses, Lobodia, Tandem at Paramount, Radio Metropole, Rex Theatre/Les Ambassadeurs, Rond Point/Shleu Shleu, Magic Cine, Cine Triomphe, Eldorado, Place Jeremie, Chez L'ami Ti Doc, Au Bec Fin, and I could go on for months about the Haiti I knew 36 years ago. I have no intentions of getting kidnapped, and raped by animals for now. I have been living abroad for 36 years, and I know what I am talking about.

I am only passionate about GOD, and my family.


I am hoping that the country will get out of misery, tourists will return, and I will be able to walk the streets again without fear.

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