I respect your opinion, and expect you to do the same. I am...

Josy - September 11 2010, 5:47 PM

I respect your opinion, and expect you to do the same. I am not a girl, and am a mature adult.

It is arrogant to refer to others as boy, or girl and it is a slave mentality.

The slave owners use to refer to old men, and women as boys or girls.

I am a mother of adult children, and a grandma.

I have a 34, 32,30 years old, and could probably your mother.

R E S P E C T. I was taught to address others as Sir, Madam, Miss. I did not say "to drop" French, and it is the official language in Haiti.

We are no longer a French colony, and France has no interests in the future of Haiti.

I just do not like the educated Haitians who were blessed enough to get a high quality education to look down on the less fortunates who do not speak French, and did not have an opportunity to attend the best school or travel abroad.

They did not chose it, and if given the choice would chose a higher education.

The majority of our people do not understand French, and you have a small minority who thinks they are sub-humans.

I do not know Swee Mickey personally, and have no vested interest in in his candidacy.

I just believe that he should be given a chance, and he is different from the former leaders.

We should teach English, Spanish, and French from first grade.

Haiti is completely isolated from its neighbors due to the French language, and we would benefit more if we spoke Spanish or English.

It is a good thing to know many languages, and Europeans speak several ones. English is extremely important, and it is a business language.

The Chinese understands its importance, and you cannot get a decent job in India unless you speak it without an accent.

You can survive anywhere in the world if you speak English, and will find a person who speaks it to help you. I traveled extensively, and have been to many countries.

Sweet Mickey is an artist, and we must not forget it. I know a stripper who stripped her way through College, and Law School.

She is now a successfull attorney, and own a major Law Firm in Florida.

I am not saying what she did was right, but she had an objective and was not stripping to buy drugs.

Her husband is partner in the firm, and know about her past. I grew up under Duvalier SR. and he only knew how to deal with Haitians.

We are descendants of Nigerians, and have crooked blood in our veins.

I was merely comparing Sweet Mickey's behavior with the atrocities committed by educated leaders who are speaking French, and going to church.

If Sweet Mickey's only crimes are pulling down his pants, and using foul languages I rather take a chance with him. He is street smart, and will bring his knowledge to the government.

Are you saying that an ex-prostitute cannot make a loyal wife, and mother?

You need to read about Lori Baker, and she is the wife of Jim Baker.

She had a very bad past, but now is married and living a holy Christian life. She is a wife, and mother to five adopted children.

This is the point that I was trying to make, and I do not like to judge others on their past mistakes.

We are all sinners, and there are no perfect humans.

I found it strange that the pulling down of his pants, and the foul language he uses on stage become serious issues because he wants to be President of Haiti.

It was never an issue for years, and we all had a good laugh including me. I think he is hilarious wearing a skirt, and playing the role of a female impersonator.

He is also filthy rich, and will probably not need to dip his finger in the treasury like others.


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