Sweet Micky is a wild animal. I would not send someone like...

Maurice Petit Homme - September 11 2010, 3:44 PM

Sweet Micky is a wild animal.

I would not send someone like that to travel around the world to represent Haiti and to meet other world leaders by speaking like that.

He is a hot head. Just the way he sound is just scary.

I can even feel the interviewer was sort of scared to even continue to talk to him. The interviewer passed his time by fake laughing trying to calm sweet Micky down.
Sweet Micky sound like crazy dictator who is trying to force the people to believe in him and to rally behind them against their will.

He has nothing to show any good intents that he is been having on Haiti, but a stupid speech foundation that did nothing for Haiti.

Don't forget people.

This guy is a mulattoes.

The grandson of the former evil white French slave owners in Haiti, and we all know what these slave owners did to us and continuing to do us until today.

These mulattoes are groomed to manipulate and to force others to follow their agendas if they don't succeed, they would go behind the scene to execute their plan by spending money on hungry and desperate idiots to commit crimes amongst the poor people.

I think they choose him as a candidate because he probably paid a lot of money.

The people of Haiti would make a huge mistake to choose Sweet Micky.

His rood behaviors speaks for it all.

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