That's right papa, dont know if u watched r listened to the...

Kelly Villate - September 11 2010, 8:04 AM

that's right papa, dont know if u watched r listened to the meeting that he had with preval, mon frere am telling all haitian that baker is the guy, he's honest, he has plan, with him as head of state haiti will not be the same. If we really need change, if we r really tired of those stupides politicians who only worry about their well being, i think now it's the time, my haitian brothers and sisters lt's change the way we do politics, chage the way we look out for our pple, change our haiti cherie image, we have to elect baker by doing so. haiti will b different under his presidency and we will have what so call a country, yes we can, vote change vote for a better haiti vote for the real leadership, vote for an haiti with where others will respect others, a country with rules and regulations, vote la nouvelle figure d'haiti, l'espoir de notre avenir vote Charles Henry Baker


Ayisyen Bay Baker yon Chans...

Personnellement,je trouve que Charles Henry Baker est le seul Candidat Cr

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