..we must rise above our perceived differences and to reach...

Ti Bonite - September 8 2010, 12:12 PM

...we must rise above our perceived differences and to reach out to our greater being if we are to save a nation, our nation.

We need a change in the economy in the majority of haitian households anguished by the economic insecurity that has infiltrated all aspects of our lives, a change in our educational and healthcare systems needed again by the majority from the used-to-be identified middle class or Petit-bourgeois to the disenfranchised by the economic marasme and established unemployment;social changes to free the country from the shackles of interdictions;of neo-slavery.The earthquake and its aftershocks have caused immeasurable psychological and physical damage to a population struggling to cope with loss of parents, siblings, progenies, friends and co-workers along with homes, jobs and places of gatherings that have survived the past years of political chaos.

We need to build a new Haiti and without apartheid.

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I begged to differ; your list of wrongdoings is...

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