It's comforting to come across a language other than the...

Ti Bonite - September 8 2010, 11:23 AM

It's comforting to come across a language other than the emotionally charged comments permeating our conversation.

It is in times such as these that objectivity when most needed is sadly trumped and victimized.The cards are now on the table and it's a new opportunity to change our historical trayectory from illogical to logical, from absurd to real, a change of our minds and our attitudes to renovate our administrations and our politics to meet the needs of all sectors of our society.

We need a unity based on facts, an inclusive citizenry with equal rights an equal obligations.

We need to achieve the social, economical.

environmental and political conditions for the well-being of our people and to guarantee the national stability through intelligent strategies to establish our healthy relationship between ourselves, the Dominican Republic with whom we share the island and the rest of the world.

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I begged to differ; your list of wrongdoings is...

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