Sean Penn did not decide our destiny. He just voiced his...

Kv - September 7 2010, 4:12 PM

Sean Penn did not decide our destiny.

He just voiced his opinion.

I am not defending him but what I want us to realized is that Clef is not ready for that spot yet. And i personally don't think that it's because he is a musicians and been helping Haiti that's why we THINK we KNOW him. Absolutely NOT. Besides, I am not inside of the CEP and i don't know what kind of " Magouy" they did to cut him off the race but one thing i know for sure is that I would NOT vote him to become my President.

Absolutely not! I don't trust none of the other candidates as well.But If Clef wants to make a difference I think he could start by Not trying to become president.

Ask yourself what kind of example is he setting for the young people of Haiti by doing such act?

The political system of Haiti is already corrupted and now he's got no Qualification to run a country and yet he wants to jump in?

How would you feel if you send your kids to school and when you go to meet with the teacher you find out that the teacher does not even have any basic knowledge or standard to even teach your kids but just because he or she loves kids so much and been helping them out and he or she has a big heart that's why he or she got the job. Now how would you feel?

Me I do not support him because I admire him as an artist and a humanitarian and i would not want him to tarnish is image (Which he already start).

When you're a soldier, before you go to war you have to prepare yourself.

I am grateful that he was born Haitian because he has help Haitian people get their pride up and walk with our heads high again but I don't want us to get caught up in all these and elect him by sympathy.

Go to school Clef and get yourself ready.

Stop making it worse for yourself.

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