Sean Penn doesn't owe us anything. But just because he JUST...

Jacques L - September 7 2010, 1:15 PM

Sean Penn doesn't owe us anything.

But just because he JUST started helping us doesn't give him the right to suddenly decide our destiny.

He overstepped his bounds.

Wyclef doesn't HAVE to become president, but he has the RIGHT to become a candidate and allow the system to work itself out. As we see, he was REJECTED by CEP. On the other hand, those that are AGAINST Wyclef's candidacy (because he's musician or whatever else) represent the cancer we have in our community: We go by what we see, not what we don't see. 38 people put up their names to be president, 19 are still in the running.

I don't see anyone arguing they don't have the right to run. But because we know Wyclef, we feel we have that right.

Put Wyclef aside, ALL the diaspora candidates (Raymond Joseph) recieved Kan

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