I admired Wyclef as an artist but now i am starting to change...

Kv - September 7 2010, 11:04 AM

I admired Wyclef as an artist but now i am starting to change my mind on that. Yes he helped the country a lot and yes he made it sexy to be haitian, but that does not make him qualified to govern a country like Haiti.

A lot of Haitian folks don't realized that the only reason why they are supporting Wyclef is because he has money and he was a well known international figures in the music industry.

If it was not for that no one would know who is. There are a lot of Haitian artists that have been helping the country too but they never mention their name because they are not internationally known.

I think Clef needs to grow up, go to school and prepare then come back or stick to music.

ain't nothing wrong about that. You can still help your country, you don't necessarily need to be president to do that. If he wants to create jobs opportinity for the young folks of Haiti he can start by taking on the private sector and gain economical power.

Build a few hotels, restaurants and public schools with a high standard system and accessible to everyone in Haiti.

You don't need to be the president to do that sir. Now shouting at Sean Penn the way he did was immature and unprofessional.

Someone who commented previously said where was Sean Penn when Haiti needed his help a couple years ago. I honestly don't think that Sean Penn owes us anything.

He decides when he wants to help and how he wants to do it. It's not a MUST. I think Clef needs to act childish, grow and go to school and get ready.

Don't waste your time responding to anyone who did not support you besides they don't owe you that. Focus more on preparing yourself.

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