2 Things: 1. While it's unpresidential to snipe back, everyone...

Jacques L - September 6 2010, 7:55 PM

2 Things:
1. While it's unpresidential to snipe back, everyone and their mama felt it was ok to take pot shots at clef. Why, because he wants to help his country?

Where was Sean the past 30 years when Haiti needed his help?

Clef came out the Haitian closet from jump and let his heritage be known he's entitled to vent. He made it sexy to be Haitian when everyone else was hiding.

2. Eight bars is a music slang meaning he only had a short or small part in the fugees songs.

1 bar is 4 beats.

Times 8 that's only 32 beats.

A typical song has 1000 or more beats.

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