vote for charles baker

Ashley - September 3 2010, 4:20 PM

My candidat has no chance to became president this time. Clef do not stop your vision continue to work with faith.

Because I remimber when I first come to us in 89 things where hard for us.

but you broke the barrier you stand haiti at a level that a lot of haitian star in hollywood never did. Haiti has hollywood writers, actors.

rappers but never heard from them. Now as haitian we not going to stand behind any poor candidat with no vision to change haiti.all haitian need to stand for charle Baker that will help haiti recover and also receive money from donors as well as returning business> I beleive he will take those investers back from china to haiti.

My only question if he willing to decentrlize port-au prince.

We need an haiti the same ways it was back to tha 80's and befor where it used to be the top of the caribean .I have a strong feeling that Wyclef could bring those chang unfortunately he didn't have the chance but wiht charles baker haiti will move toward

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Ti Bonite says...

You come across as a caring and sensitive individual and one can't help but share in your warmth. Government is about concensus building.It requires... more »