Michel Martheli is not a friend of mine, but I can share my...

Chesnel Gabriel - September 2 2010, 11:37 AM

Michel Martheli is not a friend of mine, but I can share my point of view about his candidacy for president and endorse him as well. Wyclef Jean is a great citizen, which he does a lot of great things for the country and he will continue to do so. Let me tell you this, Michel has the same good heart as Wyclef Jean. He also does a lot of great things for Haiti.

He used his music career/comedian to make a living.

Please, allow me to say that you guys make him where he is right now. He would not be successful if the public/fans used to be offended by his music or videos.

I have a question for all the people who are against his candidacy for president today.

Why now?

If you felt like that you have been offended by his art, why do you buy his album or go to his concert?

Why do you feel proud to say "I am going to Michel Martheli's concert tonight"?

It does not make any sense.

We Haitians need to learn how to forgive our brothers and sisters.

Stop judging people, his past behavior does not make it like as the end of the world.

Give him a chance to prove his agenda to his people.

I strongly believe that Michel Martheli is the best candidate for Haiti now. He will be able to bring everyone in Haiti, either poor or rich together to move the country forward.

We need to have success in every single area, but the first one is the national security.

I believe Michel is the right man for that. The video that you posted is senseless to me. People, Let's vote for Michel Martheli.

Se pa bel kravat, bel palto e bel diskou nou vle pou payi ya konye ya. Nou vle yon moun ke nou konen ki ka pense pou nou e ki ka pote yon solisyon pou problem haiti.

Vote Michel se vote limie, sekirite, agrikilti, edikasyon pou pitit nou, proteje moun ki malad, kreye travay pou etidian ki fin lekol e mete inion entre haitian.

An nou vote Michel.

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