Sa kap fet? bon fout, min parol la....gro koze. one thing i...

Jean Claude - September 1 2010, 12:00 PM

sa kap fet?

bon fout, min parol la....gro koze. one thing i realized with human being- when something happens, such that horrible disaster in Haiti, every body get emotional and after a few days, all is being forgotten.

One might say that it is human nature i may agree but the fact of the matter is that it is to obvious some times to see the king of respond people display on the aftermath of disasters to country like Haiti.

"problem Haiti ginyin-an se pa lot moun deyo ki vreman konin'l, se Haitien natif natal peyi-ya ki kapab vreman rezoud-li avek aid moun lot bo dlo. Let us be serious, for so long Haitians have been helped by the international community- especially United States of America, what happens?

can some one help me?

in fact, the situations have become worse.

Those people do not know Haiti as we Haitians know. I have a question here, and i know there are many on the internet reading this message- i want some one to tell me "can some one from outside your home, come and tell you how to manage the the welfare of your family?

please, i need specific.

I am not a "laba...laba user", i believe in constructive ideologies or phylosopy.

There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism.

oke....'male papa!!!!!!!

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