Wyclef should have waited a few years before he put himself...

Toulimen - August 31 2010, 1:29 PM

Wyclef should have waited a few years before he put himself into this mess. Who can change Haiti?

Who will change it?

Good fellow citizens like Robert and Antoine Ismery, Louis Dejoie father and son, Jean Dominique, Guy Malary and Michelle Durocher Bertrand to name a few lost their lives for this internal colony of the 5 richest families in Haiti to save it from their paws, but nothing had changed in Haiti.

Wyclef does not need to be president to help Haiti and he can run again in the next 5 years if he will not fall under the elites' guns in Haiti.

The situation of Haiti is sad and can be reversed if the people of Haiti know how to solve their own problems.

Another 1804 will come on board again and Haiti will wake up for real...

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