I mean i agree with you 100%. I am Haitian and but i wasnt...

Julie Jean-mary - August 30 2010, 8:56 PM

I mean i agree with you 100%.

I am Haitian and but i wasnt born in Haiti.

But this thing is also my business.

How would you be able to Control a Country when all you mostly know about the country is that they speak a dialect of french and that they are poor?

Your basic reason can be to bring our country back to the way it was and to decrease the poverty.

This can be done with a very great and powerful president.

If you dont understand or cant give us facts and such how will you control and keep order in place.

And a person who has been born their and has been to his home country would know what his country needs more than a person who is doing everything out of just compasion

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