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Martine - August 26 2010, 9:30 PM

I like his message:

My name is Garaudy Laguerre and I am seeking the presidency of my country.

Let me first say that I am a candidate for the presidency because I believe that our people deserve better leadership, a better life.

But more importantly, I am convinced that we do have the vision, the leadership, the skills and the know-how in Haiti to build our country and create a better life for the people.

While the January 12 earthquake was a major set back for our people, we believe that it was an aggravating circumstance but, by no means responsible for all of our ills.

Our present situation is precarious; we are at the mercy of other nations.

Our people are desperately in need of basic living standard, in need of inspiration.

We believe that it is politics, both national and international, that have gotten us into this situation.

We also believe that it is only politics that can get us out!
Better politics, better vision, better leadership, know-how, discipline and lots of courage.

That is also why I am running for president.

If I became president, while our country is full of priorities in all spheres of life, including economy, health, education and culture; we would focus on two major priorities.

First: we would restore the pride and dignity of Haitians, by restoring our sovereignty and
Self determination as a nation, through the departure of all foreign troops, negotiated according to our security needs and deadline.

Second: we would focus on immediately providing access to food for every Haitian, while implementing a program to develop local production in the agriculture sector as to reach self sufficiency and limiting the import of non-essentials.

This would be done by prioritizing the importation, for a period of time, of only certain food stuff required for the survival of the population.

Blocking the ones we are or can immediately produce.

This will be done, while guiding the business sector towards other opportunities and avenues such as agricultural production, investments in state enterprises, tourism, industrial production and infrastructure, while offering available incentives.

Our country does have many priorities! And everyone wants to rebuild Haiti.

However, we believe we must build Haitians first!
Only Haitians can rebuild Haiti.

And to do so, they need to be proud, dignified and self sufficient.

Haiti definitely needs better cooperation and comprehensive assistance and support.

But Haiti does not need pity; we need strong leadership with a vision.

And this is exactly what we intend to provide, if I became president of Haiti.

In November 2010, every Haitian will have a choice to make; a choice for themselves, their children, for their children's children, a choice for Haiti!

They will choose the next president to lead us. They will decide if I: Garaudy Laguerre deserves this job.

However, What is certain: our people needs better leadership to build a better country.

I thank you,

Garaudy Laguerre.

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