Hello dear, I just read yuor opinion about Haiti. Your are too...

Gautier Saintilus - August 25 2010, 4:53 PM

Hello dear,

I just read yuor opinion about Haiti.

Your are too emotional about the Presidential Election.

Please come down, don't get discourage and hopless! The situatioin of my contry right now is beyond humain capacity to resolve.

As a result the politicians do not know what to do. In this case all Haitians should get together with a common goal to save Haiti.

Otherwise, there will; be no hope to restore the country.

When I look the way people are living under the shelters, they look like Israel people in the wilderness without a leader.

What we should do now is to pray faithfully to Jeovah and He will deliver Haitians from boundage as He did in the past by Moses.

Think about this, 206 years of Independence, we still under occupation, and become one of the poorest Nation on earth! Please read II Chronicles 7:12-15. This is God's promise to Haiti.

As far as I am concerned, a second Moses is coming to deliver Haitians from their struggles! Whatch outt! He is coming! 1 l

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