Still dude, not all the mulattoes in haiti are the same, in...

Kelly Villate - August 22 2010, 8:14 PM

still dude, not all the mulattoes in haiti are the same, in every rules always has it exceptions wherever u go. The mulattoes does not had the juicial power in haiti.

This time let them take over vote for baker and then after that u can critize howerver but for blame your black politicians, they are the one who keep and kept haiti in this mess. Now it's time for a change, we need different minds, smart and honest pple. I guarantee you that Becker will put a great team for the bennefit of the haitian ppl. He love this country and that's why he came in 2006 election and the same reason he's running again.

I and others believe in his potencial, his capability to create.FADH, BANDAI AND EPPLS are baker main focus whe he gets electec.

B real and positive vote the new horizon ciao (CHARLES HENRY BAKER).

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We are not talking about ALL mullatoes around the...

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