I begged to differ; your list of wrongdoings is basically just...

Marcy Paul - August 21 2010, 11:27 PM

I begged to differ; your list of wrongdoings is basically just a perceived "facts" or symptoms of Haiti's social issues.This is somewhat simplistic of you to think that all Haiti's PROBLEMS can be wrapped and tucked away under one group of people who happened to be less than 10% of the population.

You are wrong, High percentage of Haitian doctors are just "regular" Haitians.

High percentage of Haitians lawyers are "regular" Haitians.

The statistics you are referring to are perhaps more appropriate BEFORE 1957 with Francois Duvalier who tried to equalize education for all.
You have a point, maybe with a higher percentage of mulattoes who are High School graduates and college educated.

Contrary to popular belief, A well-run Country does not necessarily need any more than 15 - 20 at of its population to be college educated.

I believe you know very well that Haiti's PROBLEMS are symptomatic of a small Country in the Caribbeans and in the Americas.

Why don't you talk about corruption and mismanagement?

Who's faults are those?

Who is the commander in Chief?

Your anger is understandable, but wrongly targeted.

Now, weather you vote for Charles Baker or not is your personal choice.

I think people who are not voting on popular contest; people who truly want to give Haiti a chance may want to give candidates like Charles a chance.

As Charles Baker said he is"untainted".politically.

He is educated, has his own business, he knows how to balance a monthly financial statement.

Baker has always spoken AGAINST MAGOUILLES.

This time, let us be smart: Vote for IDEAS and PLANS that are beneficial to Haiti;
This time, we are not voting for people we like just because we like them.
This time, we will be OBJECTIVE.

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Hello, Did you check one of your statements below...

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