SIR, I am sorry to leave this message I know you are friends...

Rodger Louis - August 21 2010, 9:50 AM

SIR, I am sorry to leave this message I know you are friends with wyclef Jean. I would like to ask you this favor if you could invite him to your party.

I believe you and him that you and him could run haiti the best. Because i do not like to see another haitian politic theft and i dont believe they care about the country like you and wyclef they only care about themselves and they like to thieft.

Trust me you and wyclef could run the country to a level that you want, dont be foolish and let anyone tell you what to do and dont listen to there peer pressure.

This is why i send you my email because i have couple thousand dollars to give you'll for the campaign.

Please when you become presidernt dont forget port-de-paix.

We neeed road badly please clean the cap-haitian it is very dirty.

Thank so much sir and reply me back, I look forward to seeing beautiful in our country and not only foriegn countries where every body can work and get pay every friday like the over seas'sand because the politian punk in haiti they dont know what am saying all they doing is theft in the country

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