If REBUILDING HAITI becomes a new expression ignored over a...

Mertune. J - August 20 2010, 12:13 PM

If REBUILDING HAITI becomes a new expression ignored over a length of time in official discourse and popular, the party REBUILDING HAITI did not wait for this devastating earthquake to understand that Haiti has needed to be rebuilt.

Our forecast has been good. That's why our vision for Haiti is not spontaneous.

It is part of the order of the vision of the party since its founding in 2004. Since its foundation, Haiti, which has only suffered the harm of major changes in the world, has never been able to regroup and walk on the lineage of his fathers who had caused the trigger that is known in the universal consciousness.

As you know, dear compatriots, the history of our country is not only heart-felt, but it is also as unique and universal.

Universal because it has inspired many people around the world the virtues of freedom and sovereignty.

What have we done to reflect this radiant victory over barbarism that makes us today a distinguished nation worldwide?

From this point of view, the memory of former combatants has never been honored in the height of their sacrifices and claims posted.

"There is no real action without will. The corrupt and unhealthy political actions in which successive governments evolved in May 1956, is obviously not likely to bring this goal to their terms.

Thus, in the context of the reconstruction of Haiti which our party (REBUILDING HAITI) is calling for the National Reconciliation is one of our top priorities.

But achieving this worksite is not separable from the reclaiming of the occupied territory and our sovereignty violated.

This sovereignty was not a favor granted by anyone, but a brave display of stubborn actions and an unquenchable desire of our ancestors to make us free. For this, we must enjoy the fruits such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Haiti that still adheres to, then, suggests in its Article 1: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Our country has been the victim of occupation and natural disasters, the horror of the kidnapping, poverty, neglect, or rejection of all values and all human virtues such as respect for life and people.

To hold that inflame from further harm the son and daughters of our country, the party rebuild Haiti (PREH) sends a strong and simple message to the nation, drew about the graves of our fathers: The division is a horrible thing! Let us forget it. Let us ensure that future generations are not faced once again with tears, the grief and ruins.

Let us renounce to what have separated us, looking all that unites us. We must admit to unite, to get back together for our own source.

Many of us have experienced the wounds of our country known sorrow, the pain of separations, the presence of death because of the enmity of some son and daughters who have betrayed their motherland.

Today, it comes time to pass, not hatred, but reconciliation firm and sincere.

This perception, we owe to our ancestors who, in 1804, often torn in their personal life, had the audacity to imagine what could be a bright future based on solidarity and unity.

Because they understood one thing: "There is no happiness without courage or virtue without a struggle." Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

We all have an obligation to reconcile us with our history and ourselves.

This should be done without a spirit of revenge, even if this history is also made of pain and humiliation.

On their garlic-as the French proverb says: There is no omelet without breaking eggs. But after breaking this cycle and wake up to this morning, what is left for the making of this nation?

Such is the concern shown by the Party REBUILDING HAITI (PREH).

This realization thus expressed, is shown by symbolic actions and strong when we took office in February 2011:
-Encouraging business investment both local and foreign by a generalized reduced taxes for a period of 20 years.

-The immediate release of all political prisoners, or of conscience, without any exception;
- The return of all political exiles, whatever the regime or the period of their exile
- The gradual reintegration of the Armed Forces of Haiti, as a guarantee of our sovereignty.

A policy of decentralization, innovative and relevant
- The immediate reinstatement of normal socio-political life of the country, and the integration of son and daughters of Haiti who have dual nationality or triple into its development and its democracy - The return to owners of all property, movable and immovable property confiscated illegally-.

We dared to be free, dare to be by ourselves and by ourselves.

About Jean-Jac question Dessalines, cited by Emmanuel Chancy, pp 19-20.
National reconciliation mentioned here, is to unite, come together and identify with the project of a complete reconstruction of our country.

Party REBUILDING HAITI (PREH) does not advocate a violent revolution sweeping away the past. Rather, the integration of all action worthy of the Republic, cash behind much of the population, will lead an effective and timely reconciliation.

Hence, our vision, consisting of Deep Transformation of our country for his return to head up in modernity, becomes inescapable able. This, be it economic, social and educational, environmental, land-use planning, transport, tourism, reform of public security and national modernization of the judiciary, decentralization reform and deconcentration of state services.

We are eager to engage Haiti on the path to modernity, for the greater good of our Nation.

Dear Countrymen, women, there is no policy that works out-of realities.

"Charles de Gaulle."
Given the enthusiasm of our population, mainly composed of young people to about 68%, conditions are already ripe for the country to emerge in the near future to take liabilities of its inaction.

To do this, we simply need to start by injecting a dose of morality, conviction, respect, love, truth, justice, discipline and patriotism in the collective consciousness of the country.

Thus, as in all circumstances, it takes a man of circumstance that can soar to the circumstances to the undecided and lost against the lies of those in powers over the recent years.

Please, dear compatriots, the Party Rebuilding Haiti as all of us to board our train of modernity for the quest of sovereignty and national pride.

To repeat Aime Cesaire: A civilization that is incapable of solving the problems raised by its operation is a decadent civilization.


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