Olicier Pieriche was born August 23, 1971, at the Hospital of...

Jimy P. - August 20 2010, 12:07 PM

Olicier Pieriche was born August 23, 1971, at the Hospital of the State University of Haiti in Port-au-Prince.

He is part of a large family of seven children, four boys and three girls.

His father, Dr. Holly Pieriche, sculptor, is a native of Fund des Negres, a commune of the Southern Department, while his mother Maguilina Pieriche was born in Alcina, business woman, from Baradere.

It is also a municipality located in the south.

They are married and are Christian, Protestant.

Olicier Pieriche, meanwhile, is married and father of three children.

Since 1983, when he was 12, Pieriche had already a heartbeat sensitive to the policy and the development of the nation.

Too young to be an activist many have said. But he said being from a poor family, the best way to make clear that claim was taken seriously studied, as his parents made him understand.

His primary studies, he has performed at the National School Herman Herrala, located on 4th Avenue Bolosse in Port-au-Prince.

As for his school, the 6th to the 5th, college Massillon Coicou, the fourth to first college Mixed alpha, and its final classes (philosophy), college star. To continue his studies or meet their material needs, he taught in various schools in the Capital.

After high school, always having a particular taste for human-rights, Olicier Pieriche decided to enter in 1992, the Faculty of Law and Economics of Port-au-Prince, where he won four years later (1996), his law degree.

For over ten years, he is a member of the Bar of the Bar Association of Port-au-Prince, where he practices his profession with integrity and diligence.

Following this, in 1997, he entered the INAGHEI (Institute of Managements and International Studies).

From there, he obtained a new diploma in 1999, for a career in diplomacy.

In the wake of 1997 to 2001, he continued at the same time studies at Evangelical Theological Seminary of Port-au-Prince (STEP), and later became a theologian and pastor.

Preacher of the Gospel, his commitment to the country's affairs inspires him confidence in a new revelation of Haiti in search of freedom, peace and happiness for all for under the eye of God Almighty.

Since 2002, Me Olicier Pieriche has been a doctoral candidate at Columbia University in New York (D. Ongoing studies).

In 1999, to implement the academic experience, Mrs. Olicier Pieriche ensued by competition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and worked in legal departments, consular and protocol.

Left for exile in June 2001, these achievements brought him to the post of Consul General of the Republic of Haiti in Miami in 2004. During this noble experiment, for his kindness and intellectual sense of outstanding leadership, the diplomat was able to reply to a vital need long sought Haitian compatriots Orlando, locating in the said town, a new Consulate, which has earn him the esteem of all Haitian citizens there, having been informed of this admirable work, in such little time. For the sake of better understanding the business world in 2006, he went to Costa Rica for a proper education in Management of NGOs, Small Business, and the impact of organizations on society, "University of Peace United Nations".

It is from this point everything seemed to predispose the youth leader for a more efficient involvement of the political spectrum.

According to the people who have regular contact, Pieriche is a man of strong personality, but very accommodating and generous.

It has an open mind, a very great compassion for the poor and abused.

If it is an enemy of corruption, it is against an unconditional friend of righteousness.

If it is slow to take action on things he does not have total control, it is however very attentive to the advice of his relatives.

That is was done with great humility.

Mr. Olicier Pieriche has a very pronounced taste for the arts, particularly music, painting and sculpture.

He said that the Haitian Artists are victims of passive inaction of governments.

To break this status quo, it will be a direct advocate of this unique culture over the planet.

Being such a patriot, Olicier Pieriche has constant concern that Haiti's sovereignty is attainable.

For him, that self-sustainable Haiti is one of the best ways to honor the memory of the founding fathers of this great nation,.

Pieriche is not a spontaneous man. In his life, everything is calculated.

After his academic studies and working, since it is both an electrician and teacher, he decided to make more visible its claim by publishing two books:

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