An nou pale bagay serie, eske aisyen vreman konnin ki kote yo...

Jean Claude - August 18 2010, 3:22 PM

an nou pale bagay serie, eske aisyen vreman konnin ki kote yo ye e ki kote yo prale?

franchman mwouin se Hitien natif natal magre tout sa mwen fe, mwen paka rive konpran sa kap fet nan peiy sa-a. pafwa mwn pose tet mwn kesion sa-a eske se you problem edilasyion?

ou bien problem sivilayzeschan?

tout bon, mwen ta rinmin you moun banm repons la. I love my country dearly but, when you see these things happening truly it makes you feel embarrass.

If Haitians especially those in Haiti really know who they are, and what great impact we have made in the hole universe as a little 'mini' tiny peace of land, we would put aside all those uncivilized behavior that make others THINK that we are the least of least we would have done better and Haitians know better.

So what is really going on?

is it a problem in the blood?

some one please tell me. ' sil vou ple moin bezouin you moun po banm repons sa-a. sa fe RONT MEZANMI BAY HAITI YOU TI SHANS.

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mon fre banm diw byen,ayiti se yon peyi kote tout...

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