The criminal intent of those lawless thugs in Haiti to...

David Grant - August 18 2010, 3:11 AM

The criminal intent of those lawless thugs in Haiti to assassinate Mr. Weclef Jean is flabergasting and shameful.What kind of image are we potraying to the rest of the world: that the first black Repubic in in the world, which should have had a model and civilised form of government, is still in a barbaric state.

Why can't they embrace the democratic processes.

They are so much eager to get into power and pillage the ressources of the country, that resorting to muder is the way to resove their differences.

As politicians, what have they been doing during those years to impress the voting public and assure their popularuty among the masses.Apparently, they feel that they can gain the electoral momentum by puting themselves up as candidates.Well, they have committed a polical sin and have to pay the price when election is due.
It is time high those thieves amend their ways and adhere to the constitution, the highest law in the country.

Mr. Weclef Jean is entitled to police protection and should be afforded same.

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