My opinion on this is that each of them was very professional...

Judith Jolicoeur - August 16 2010, 11:23 PM

My opinion on this is that each of them was very professional about their opinions.

To me, Zshea was just saying that what is right is right and what is not is not. I know that Wyclef love Haiti we all can see that in every thing that he do. I myself love Haiti also and if we are going to let things go by pass just so he can run for President.

Then I myself and every Haitian American Citizens should be able to vote in that Election also. That is what I got from Zshea interview and she is so right.

Every Haitian that is living in U.S and there are a lot of people that is not from Haiti that love Haiti and would love to see better for Haiti, will they be able to vote?

Now this is what I want to say to you, Please don't say that Wyclef is going to win because of Bill Clinton backing him up. I love Bill but I think that he had a chance to help Haiti in a way that only a President of U.S.A could of and he didn't that is my opinon on Bill Clinton.

Cause last time I checked Haitian are still being sent back even after they are here for days. What happen to the dry land part for Haitian also Bill Clinton could of help out with that before he left office.

That is my opinion about Wyclef 100% back up.

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Mon che Johnny, ou pa connen sa wap pale a. Wyclef is...

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