I am truly saddened to witness the fanatism approach of some...

Pedro - August 16 2010, 6:57 PM

I am truly saddened to witness the fanatism approach of some people.

This is the most prestigeous position anyone can aim for. Yet I see no pre-requisite in educational qualification and experience are required to qualify for head of state in my country.

No one ever has too much money, greed, power,popularity self righteousness is for anyone to grab..I've not heard anything from any candidate that anyone of us couldn't have said if we were being interviewed.

We know what the people need and want, we know that any candidate have to inspire trust to rally everyone to work together in order to rebuild Haiti.

We know how much the people are suffering, what we don't know and haven't seen is what has any of them has to offer.

What plans have they shared to their constituents, what studies have they made to proove that they're the best person for the job. Case in point when President Obama was running, his voice and intellect said it all. He inspired knowledge, showed total control of the situation and his background spoke loudly and clearly it was his time to shine.

Come on brothers and sisters, I know that we know better and deserve better.

I want facts not suppositions, give me something to work with. Respect is earned, liberty and freedom must be taken.

Nothing is given freely, you want to be my president, then you must earn my trust and admiration by your wisdom and by your leadership.

I see thus far well intention individuals who may very well get the presidency.

The question remains, do they truly believe in their merit.Good luck, Haiti my LOVE, I pray for your deliverance and prosperity!!

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