Dear Ms. Lamour: I read with considerable interest your brief...

Arthur Krensky - August 16 2010, 12:01 PM

Dear Ms. Lamour:

I read with considerable interest your brief but positive statement re: Mirlande Manigat Unfortunately, it was the only intelligence that I could find on the Internet.

Can you provide the basis for your statement?

A C.V. or other documentation that tells me who she is, her education work experience, etc. Also, where I might obtain something on her proposed platform (i.e., what she proposes to do if elected, what consituency she will be seeking, etc. My reason for seeking this information: I am collaborating with a Haitian business friend who says she and Charles Henri Baker are 2 of the most serious contenders.

I have developed some info on MR. Baker, but not of susbtance on Ms. Manigat.Any assistance you are able to provide would be very appreciated.

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