It is obvious to the entire world that the "fanmi Lavalas...

David Grant - August 14 2010, 2:49 PM

It is obvious to the entire world that the "fanmi Lavalas " party is the most popular political party in in haiti.

The reason they are excluded from participating in the general elction is the foreknowledge that they will without a doubt win the election overwhelmingly.

Though it is said that Mr. Aristide was a corrupt president and, is sent in exile, does not deter his popularity among the downtrodden masses in the country.

The exclusion of the party is very much unfair.

I am sure that there are other members of this party reready to take up the mantle; why not given them a chance.

Isn't Mr. Preval a member of the lavalas party; or betrayed them. has he abandoned them

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