I feel that Mario De Volcy and Alex Abellard were neutral and...

Miggy - August 14 2010, 12:30 AM

I feel that Mario De Volcy and Alex Abellard were neutral and very careful about not really taking sides.

But, Zshea appeared to have a PRIVATE ANGER toward Wyclef because of the spotlight on him on helping the people of Haiti.

No one ever claimed that Wyclef was the only one who has helped and has been helping Haiti.

(Helping the Haitians with Rice and beans is only keeping them alive to live on more misery).

It is not what can get them out of this situation.

What Wyclef brings to the table is that HE IS WILLING TO DO MORE, TO GO FURTHER ON FINDING A SOLUTION to make things happen.

That is what make him different from you Zshea.

Wyclef is not better than you as a human being but he is different from you.

Remember you can always video taping everything you are doing for the Haitian people at any time. No one will stopping you and you know that. Youtube is very available to you.

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