Hey, We can not deny that although Micky is kind of old now...

Miggy - August 14 2010, 12:14 AM

We can not deny that although Micky is kind of old now, he is a handsome guy. He also looks like my first crush.

But people who know the real Micky and how he has been creating a perception of himself, living his life for the past several years would say that (him in this beautiful suit and tie looks to them like a hypocrit.

He is just a wild maniac pretending to be serious about Haiti)

The only way I would beleive Micky's intents is for him to get a PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION by the world top experts OUTSIDE OF HAITI, OUTSIDE OF FRANCE and ANY COUNTRY with FRENCH INFLUENCE.

Remember FRANCE is very angry at Haiti for liberating themselves from them.

It's just hard for me to beleive him although that I like him for so many of his old music.

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